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Welcome to Fine Grooming Barber Academy where mastery isn't just a goal – it's your guarantee

Fine Grooming Barber Academy offers an extensive course designed to transform your passion for barbering into a successful career.

With 35 years of combined expertise, our skilled instructors are committed to transforming you into a skilled professional.

Why choose Fine Grooming Barber Academy?

Industry Innovators

Our expert instructors ensure you don't just learn; you own the craft within 12 weeks.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully drafted for the beginner and the experienced, covering all aspects of the evolving world of barbering.

Personalized attention

To allow a highly focused learning experience we provide smaller class settings to guarantee a custom curriculum, faster progress, increased confidence and tailored feedback.

Simple Mastery, Lifelong Support

We focus on making you a master, not just a student. Our commitment extends beyond class, providing ongoing support for your success.


Join us for a comprehensive 12-week course, 3 days per week (Sunday 9-2, Monday 6.30-9.30. Wednesday 6.30-9.30) designed to take you the elite level of barbering skills. Our course is made for aspiring barbers and stylists with no experience or the experienced barber, build a strong foundation for success in the industry.

What’s included:

* Course training booklet: We provide you with all the fundamental information to get you started and help you understand the theory behind the craft with step-by-step examples, diagrams of head & hair anatomy and a road map from start to finish of every haircut and beard trim.

* Master the fade: Learn to master all fades from skin fades, low, medium, high fades, taper fades, and burst fades. We carefully breakdown each and every step to ensure you will perfect any fade.

* Cut all hair textures: Learn to cut and handle all hair types and textures, from straight and fine, curly and course, thick and wavy, thin and sparse, to afro hair.

* Learn product & styling techniques: Learn how to achieve hairstyles with blow drying techniques confidently for every client and gain the knowledge of appropriate product selection for optimal styling results.

* How to build clientele: Learn how to go from a new barber to a fully booked barber with a step-by-step plan to build a rewarding future.

* Handle straight razor like a pro: Learn to shave, and sharpen outlines on the face, forehead, and beard for premium results.

* Master medium & longer hair styles: Learn to not only cut shorter men’s hairstyles and fades, but also master classic hairstyles and medium to longer hairstyles, making you a unique sought-after barber.

* Handle scissors like a pro: Learn all techniques including scissor over comb, scissor over finger, point cutting, punch cutting to yield seamless layers.

* Precise sectioning: Learn to perfect vertical, horizontal, and diagonal sections with comprehensive theory of angles and shapes.

* Beard fading, sculpting & outlining: Learn to fade, shape and groom beards from all lengths including stubble to longer beards using free hand clipper and scissor technique.

* Time saving techniques: Learn essential tips and tricks for optimal efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality and service

Premium Barber kit recommendation ($2000 Value)

Course Fees:
Our course costs 1999+HST. Payment plan can be made available upon request.

A $500 deposit is required upon enrolling and the rest to be paid in full midway through the barber course.


What Our Students Are Saying

Highly Recommended!

Tyler Fernandes

"FineGrooming’s Barber Program is what got me where I am today in my barbering career! Joe, Mike & Amir are amazing teachers and Carter to each individual and their learning styles! Learning atmosphere was fun and discipline, I highly recommend this course if your looking to get into barbering!"

Perfect Choice

Jason Baker

I had an amazing experience with Fine grooming’s barber course, I couldn't be happier picking them. The instructors, curriculum, and friendly environment make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to learn barbering. I’m super confident and feel ready to start my barbering career. These guys are the best barber school/academy!

Beyond Satisfied!

Marjus Bilbilaj

I recently completed the Fine Grooming barber course, and I am beyond satisfied with the experience. The curriculum covered a comprehensive range of skills, from classic barbering techniques to the latest trends. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and approachable, providing hands-on training that boosted my confidence. The well-equipped facility and supportive learning environment made the entire journey enjoyable. I highly recommend this course to anyone aspiring to become a skilled and confident barber!"


Invest in Yourself, Join us and lets shape your journey from aspiring barber to mastery together.

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Working Hours

  • MON – FRI 09:00 – 18:00
  • WEEKEND Closed

Contact info

Working Hours

  • MON – FRI 09:00 – 18:00
  • WEEKEND Closed